The Way

The Cross of Jesus Christ is the one and only point of access to God.

I fear for many Christians, or for those who think that they are Christians and are not, who believe that they can get to heaven some other way other than the one true way which is Jesus Christ and Him Crucified. Jesus said if any come up any other way, they are thieves and robbers, and they will be treated accordingly.

In Matthew 25, Jesus told the parable of the ten virgins. In this particular instance, the word virgins does not have anything to do with sexual purity; rather it refers to Christians. It refers to those who are born-again and washed in the blood of Jesus, thereby pure in the sense of being innocent of all sin. In this parable, He subdivides these ten virgins into two categories. Five of them were wise and five were foolish. The five wise virgins took oil for their lamps, while the five foolish took no oil. The oil here refers to the anointing of the Holy Spirit. It refers to faith, but it refers to a specific faith, which is faith in Jesus Christ and Him Crucified. This is the only faith that the Holy Spirit will recognize, and so it is the only faith that He will act upon. And so, with the proper faith in the Cross of Christ, one will be filled up with the oil of the Holy Spirit. And without oil in the lamp there is no light to light the way. This is a precious analogy, for in that Jesus is the way, the anointing of the Holy Spirit lights the way.

Now it seems that on a certain day, the bridegroom, who was the Lord, came calling. This refers to the rapture of the church, and really it involves a culmination of the time period from the rapture to the second coming of Christ and shortly thereafter. Christians, whether raptured or saved during the tribulation, when Christ comes, all will be judged according to their faithfulness in this life. Even those who are saved but die before the rapture are not immune, but all fall into the same category. For those Christians who think that they can be saved and then just live their lives as though they are not saved, they are sadly misinformed. If you take no oil for your vessel, you are not going to make it.

In this parable, the five wise virgins had oil enough in their lamps to make the journey, while the five foolish virgins had no oil. They asked of the wise virgins if they would share their oil with them, but obviously the answer was no. It really cannot be done that way. Each individual Christian must elect to build their own personal relationship with Jesus, thereby accumulating the oil of the Holy Spirit. And no Christian can transfer the Holy Spirit to another Christian.

While it is very true that God will use men and women in the realm of laying hands on others, and the person becomes baptized in the Holy Spirit; still that is not one person imparting the Spirit to another. It is Jesus who baptizes with the Holy Spirit, and the man or woman being used in the laying on of hands is simply the vessel through which Jesus does this. Just as Jesus is the healer, so also He is the baptizer in the Holy Spirit.

Remember, all ten of these virgins were Christians. However, the five wise virgins had no difficulty when the Lord came calling, but the five foolish virgins, when they had finally gone and purchased oil and made the journey, they arrived at the door and knocked and prayed the Lord would give them access, only to be told by the Lord, “I do not know you.”

Please believe me: if you are a Christian, you must grow in the grace and the knowledge of the Lord. Meaning you must fill your vessel with oil, and the way we fill our vessel with oil is to keep our faith in Christ and His sacrifice for us. Once again, that is the only faith that the Holy Spirit will accept. That is the only way that you will gain this oil of the Holy Spirit sufficient to make the journey to heaven.

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