The Ark of God


Save yourselves from this untoward generation.

Noah and his family looked to the ark for salvation, just as we look to Jesus and His sacrifice for salvation now.

God was in the ark with Noah and his family when the judgment of the flood came upon the earth. Likewise, God was in Christ when He was crucified on the cross and we were crucified with Him. (Rom. 6:1-8, Gal. 1:20, Col. 3:3)

The ark was lifted up between the earth and the heavens. Likewise, Jesus was lifted up upon the cross, between earth and heaven as He reconciled mankind unto God. He stood between God and man and cried unto the Father, “Let Your judgment, O God, fall upon Me and not upon them.”(Isa. 53, Psalm 69:9)

Man’s sin was the reason for the judgment of the flood, which necessitated the building of the ark. Jesus called Himself the Son of man for the reason that man’s sin brought Him down to this earth in order that He may take away that sin. Man was the cause of sin, so the Son of Man and the cross were the solution. It was man’s sin that deserved the judgment, and that necessitated the building of a plan to assuage the judgment. And that plan was the cross.

The ark took the full weight of the judgment that rightfully should have fallen upon Noah and his family. As well, Jesus took the full weight of the judgment, at Calvary’s cross, that should have fallen upon us all.

All those who were outside the ark died in the judgment; while all those who were in the ark were saved. All who trusted in the ark lived; while all who trusted in themselves died. Equally, all who trust in the sacrifice of Christ will live; while all who trust in themselves will die.

There were three sons of Noah who came out of the ark alive. In type these are representative of the soul, the spirit and the flesh. All were saved from the judgment, but Canaan, the son of Ham, who was a type of sinful flesh, was cursed. Meaning that the flesh, while being saved right along with the soul and spirit, must ultimately be shed and replaced by a body that is incorruptible and immortal.

The ark brought Noah and his family out of an evil and violent world and into a glorious new life where the altar of God, which was a type of the cross, and the sacrificial lamb, which was a type of Jesus, was at the center of hope and peace and blessing.

Though most of the human race has been bent on evil since the beginning, God has always found a small remnant that were bent toward His love and mercy, and for those He would do whatever was necessary to bring them through the flood, the fire, the wind and the waves, and even through unimaginable tribulation that at the last they would surely find life.

I beg of all: get in the ark. Trust in the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, and stop trusting in yourself. For just as those who died in the flood were powerless to save themselves, so also are all those who refuse to trust in the cross powerless to save themselves today.