End of the Age

Many times, in connection with predictions of such things as the end of the world, the apocalypse and Armageddon etc., I have heard the phrase “end of days” used. In fact there was a movie made in 1999 having that very title. Daniel mentions in the last chapter of his book, and actually it appears that the Lord Himself tells Daniel that he will stand in his place at the end of the days.(Dan. 12:13) Though the angel Gabriel speaks to Daniel often throughout the last few chapters, Daniel also mentions one who had the appearance like unto the son of man, and the description that Daniel gives of this man is very much like that of the description John gives in the first chapter of Revelation. It is likely that this was in fact Jesus Himself, in a pre-incarnate form, speaking to Daniel at that time.

At any rate, as far as I am able to find, this is the only mention of the phrase “end of the days,” although there are similar statements made such as “the end of the age”, and “the end of the world”, or “the last days”, etc. For one thing, when the Bible refers to the end of the world, it is talking about the end of the society of this world. It is referring to the end of the ways of this world, the sinfulness of this world, and the end of the dominion of sinful humanity. It is not talking about the annihilation of the planet earth. The words in Daniel chapter 12 do not literally mean that there will come a time when there will be no more days. In other words, he is not saying that time will cease to exist. It rather means that Daniel will stand in his appointed place here on this earth, when the days of the great tribulation are ended.

In fact, this earth will continue on, and day and night will continue on as well. The times and the seasons will continue on in their courses; although, climates will undoubtedly change during the thousand year reign of Christ, but the principles of seasons will still remain in tacked. God told Noah and his sons after they came out of the ark, “While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.”(Gen. 8:22)

The apostle Paul, and the apostle John both mention that Jesus is coming back in the clouds, but they are both referring to clouds of many people(I The. 3:13 & 4:16&17, Rev. 1:7). They are referring to the redeemed saints of God. Enoch also refers to this, and Jude quotes him by saying “the Lord comes with ten-thousands of His saints.”(Jud. vs.14) And, although I am not a Hebrew or Greek scholar, I tend to think that the word ten–thousands there refers to an uncountable number.

As Christians, we are told that the Holy Spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God, and if children then heirs, and joint heirs with Christ(Rom. 8:16&17). We are also told that the meek shall inherit the earth, and of the poor in spirit it is said that theirs is the kingdom of heaven(Mat. 5:5 & 5:3). So in truth, Christians will inherit heaven and earth, while the unrighteous will not inherit anything but eternal suffering. Meaning that when it is all said and done, for all the people of this world who have pursued after money and possessions and lands and titles, none of it will belong to them anymore. It will all belong to Christ and His people, but it will belong to His people in righteousness and holiness, and not in selfishness and wickedness and violence. The world of Christ’s Kingdom will be a world of peace and righteousness forever and ever, world without end.

The truth is, when Jesus Christ comes back to this earth for a second time, this time He is not leaving, and this time He will become the King of the whole earth. And we as Christians will own and rule this world with Him. Meaning that we will be judges and rulers, priests and kings, emissaries and diplomats here on this earth, and that we will also have responsibilities that will include the heavenly realm as well. In other words, we may very well need to travel from earth to heaven and back at times, as do the angels. We, as Christians, will travel the earth and even explore the universe and be taught by Jesus what all of it means and why it exists and even how it all works. We will never stop learning, and we will never stop growing, and we will always live with purpose and reason and fulfillment. That is the inheritance of the saints of God. We will live forever without the malady of disease, the hurt of injury or the fear of death. We will never get tired or worn out, we will never go hungry, and we will never again see another war. All crime will cease, and all people everywhere who still exist on this earth will be free. And there will never be a time when my days will be over, for I will live forever.

The place where Daniel will stand at the end of the days undoubtedly will be as the ruler of the part of the world which was once controlled by the Babylonian empire, and perhaps even that part of the world that was ruled by both the Medes and Persians, for that was the place where he stood for most of his natural life in his days. At that time, he was the prime minister, in essence, of Babylon; meaning that he was the second in command there; in the coming kingdom age, however, he may very well be the king of that area. But of course, as Jesus said of the apostle John, “If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to you?”(John 21:22 & 23) So it is not our business, but rather it is between Daniel and Jesus as to what Daniel’s place will be in that day, but I can promise that it will be a glorious position, for the Lord said of him: “Daniel, a man greatly beloved”(Dan. 10:11).

We should all hope that the Lord is saying the same thing about us, and that He will continue in His coming Kingdom to say that same thing—that we are greatly beloved.