The Last Days

Our world is slowly winding down to its conclusion. All of the prophecies given in the Bible concerning end time events are more and more coming to fruition, and though most of the world goes about its day as if it is just business as usual, the great day of Judgment is quickly closing in on the ways of mankind. For those who have no desire to understand and know this, I can only pray for you, but for those who do have a desire to escape the wrath to come, I implore you to learn all thatJudement Day (2) you can about God and who He is and what He will do for you if you will seek His face while He may be found. The days come when the ark will be closed up, and the rain of Judgment will begin to fall, and for those who are outside of the ark it will be too late.

For those who do not know God, there are many different views of the coming Judgment. Some are frightened by it, and so they avoid any discussion about it. Some laugh it off as though there is no such time coming. Some are bold in their defiance and will say, “let it come, I am not afraid”. But the truth is, whether they fear or mock or deny the situation it makes no difference; all will perish unless they repent and turn to God. To be sure, there were many people alive in the days of Noah, and all of them took one of these views; they either denied or mocked or feared, but none of them were saved but Noah and his family. I have no doubt that when the door of the ark was shut, and the rains began to fall, and the water began to rise, many people began to believe that Noah may have been right. But then it was too late. The way of salvation was out of their reach, and they died knowing that they had the chance to live and they refused it.

I do not claim to be a scholar or a theologian, but this one thing I do claim; that I love God and have lived for Him and walked with Him, and I will proclaim His salvation for as long as I remain on the earth. I have studied the Bible, and I have come through many troubles, toils and snares, and, for all the life and experience that I have, I have found that there is no happiness outside of a personal relationship with The One True God.

Where are people in life? Why is it that they cannot see the hurt and misery that this world has to offer? And why is it that people will not learn from the experience of billions of others who have come and gone, and pursued happiness in every direction, only to find that the life that they lived was in vain.

Just as I will never understand the choice of Adam and Eve, and many others after them, to desire death more than life; I will never understand, as long as I live, the men and women who chase after every vain thing that cannot and has never been able to satisfy the human heart.

Fork in the roadThe point to this web-site; truly the reason for my very existence is to try with everything I know to get the point across to as many as I can: Christianity is not just another way of life, and it is not just another religion or philosophy, but it is life verses death; it is eternal life verses eternal death. It is Heaven or Hell. It is eternal bliss or eternal torment. I cry unto those who are lost: come and be saved. I beg of all who will hear the sound of my voice: choose life rather than death. I plead with men and women to get right with God, lest the day of destruction overtake you suddenly, and you find that the way be no longer open to you; the Tree of Life to be no longer accessible. I beseech all who even happen across my words: look to the Word of God, and read it and know it and live.

The Tree of Life is not a philosophy or a doctrine, the Tree of Life is a man. Jesus Christ is the Tree of Life, and He is in fact the Garden of Eden. Truth is a Man, Love is a Man, Hope is a Man, and the only true path to life is to come to this Man. And as He said: “If any man come unto Me, I will in no wise cast him out.”

One of the most basic truths of human life is that you will never get to the right destination, unless you go in the right direction. Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on Calvary is the only direction one can go to reach happiness, joy, peace and life. It is the only direction that leads to Eternal life. Every other direction (and to be sure there are many) may look good and right, but the truth is that all of these other directions lead to the wrong destination.

Please go in the right direction, for the last days are upon us. Soon it will be too late. And I say in this generation that they will not go down into hell, but hell will arise to meet them where they are. Soon, just as with Noah’s flood, the windows of heaven will be opened, and the fountains of the deep will be broken up, and Judgment will come from every side, and all will perish except they be in the Ark(i.e. Jesus Christ). The day of Judgment comes upon us as a thief in the night, but no one need be caught by surprise. If you know God, and I mean really know Him, it doesn’t matter what comes along; it doesn’t matter what evil may come upon this world; if God is your friend, He will not let hell take you; He will not let you perish.

“He that believes on me is not condemned,” Jesus said, “but he that believes not on me is condemned already; because he believes not on me.”